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Yaoki Martial Arts Welcomes You to the Beginning of Your Martial Arts Journey

The best of the old and new in martial arts training

Ninpo Taijutsu, Weapons Training and Classical Jujutsu.

Yaoki Martial Arts is currently offering training in Ninpo Taijutsu, Classical Jujutsu, among other ryu. Blending both koryu and gendai into a functional and practical martial art. Ninpo Taijutsu training has something for everyone. Using the Ninpo US curriculum by Mark Bramble Shihan, students will learn traditional Japanese hand-to-hand combat and weapons coupled with modern day applications.

The art of Ninpo has many profound philosophies, designed to sustain a life of internal balance, peace, and success. These concepts have survived for thousands of years, at their core having just as much relevance today as they always have.

Mark Bramble, From the Shadows: 9 Ninja Secrets to Empower Your Life Now
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